In London

It's pretty rainy here too but who could be surprised. Love being back though, meeting friends, having a few meetings with sponsors and others and just enjoying a quiet city life. So much is so different in life nowadays and two years on a boat has definitely changed my worldview and the way I feel about life, places and things in general. A couple of immediate things that struck me during my first 24 hours in London are: How easy life can be when living on land, everything is available at any time. And: How stressful life appears when sharing space with thousands, millions of others, and when your schedule quickly seem to get filled up as soon as you land on the concrete ground. There will always be a side of me that love what only a big city can bring, but every time I'm off the boat I seem to miss that quiet little oasis of ours that we've created, Alex and I, during our first two years on the seas.