Rapidly catching up on all those things that I love that are not to be found on our boat in the tropics: live music, art exhibitions, girls dinners and late night drinks.. Egoistically speaking, I can't even begin to tell you how good this journey has been to me thus far. It has given me great perspective and made me appreciate what I have with Alex even more, while I at the same time get to fuel my soul with the type of energy that I've missed so much at times. The expression on peoples faces when I tell them I've been living on a boat with my partner for almost two years says a lot, it is an extreme thing we've chosen to do. Particularly when I have lived such a non-sailing/boating life before I met my man. I am naturally very excited to get back to him and the boat very shortly, but am intensively enjoying my time here in civilization for as long as it lasts.