need some creative help with your blog or website?

Sometimes I help friends and people with their website's or blog's design, sometimes its only a logo that is needed, other times a newsletter for their business or a full template for their blog or website. Lately I've got quite some inquiries from our blog readers whom been interested in knowing how to get a blog design like ours, and while I most often recommend them to use the templates there are to be found within the Blogger platform, I've now figured I could make a small business out of helping you out. The image above is one of the latest little things I've made. Holli asked me to design a logo and a blog template suitable for her and her husbands new sailing and live-aboard adventures. Holli wrote a very captivating blog about her life in Ghana for many years, will now be fun to see how they'll adapt from land life onto a life on water. Click here to follow their new cruising life and to see the blog design that I've cusom made after Holli's requirements. 

If any of you others are interested in getting some help with your blogs design, send me an email and I'll see if I have time to help you out. For a standard blog and/or a blogs logotype I usually charge between $100-200 USD depending on the amount of help required. New from now is that you will get a link to your blog/site from our blog as soon as the design is done so that I can promote my little design business. As we got around 120.000 unique visitors monthly, it could be a good way for you to gain a new following as well. Great win win for us all, don't you think. If you have any blog inquiries or other smaller web/design related things you might need help with, email me here for prices and information.