laundry day

Not doing much laundry at home usually as A.) we have no washing machine B.) we figured it will be more or less the same cost to leave the laundry to a laundry place where you get your clothes washed, dried and folded, compared to wasting that amount of water and energy onboard, particularly when we have no functioning water maker at the moment and must purchase the water that we use. But today while my laptop was on diagnostics and got a new hard drive and new programs/updates installed I felt a bit creative and bored after also being in bed for too long so I ended up making equivalent to one full machine of laundry by hand. And I must admit, not much feels better than having the whole boat smelling of lavender detergent and knowing that all those clean garments were cleaned by yourself. I'm not sure I will do it again anytime soon but today that fulfilled task feels very rewarding.