Thank you so much friends, family and blog readers for your greetings and emails on my birthday. I'd also like to send millions of thanks to our friend Jeff for organizing one of my birthday parties at his gorgeous house yesterday. And of course thanks to Alex - my soul mate, partner and husband that I like to call him even if we're not yet married, for not only being a man who can sort out and organize everything from emergency repairing my broken heels and preparing the most amazing barbeque dinner for that beautiful day to untangling my hair after it got stuck into the fan of the blow-dryer (seriously), but also for being such a patient, understanding and loving man even in the most stressful of moments (ok, most of the times at least lol). Not only does life get better with years of wisdom and experience, so does also the strongest and most profound friendships and relationships. Thank you all for making my/our past week an unforgettable one.