Spring time

We had some things to organize with before the first video could go live. In a few hours it should be available for  you to watch. Until then, have a beautiful Wednesday... it appears that spring has arrived to many parts of the world. Finally, right? I know how those first sunny warm days feels like when living in a cold country like in Scandinavia for instance, where I grew up. I can miss the change of seasons sometimes, although I know that sunshine and vibrant colors makes the human mind happier (at least mine), but the thrilling transition from cold and dark to warm and sunny is really something special. I love how cities and towns starts to bloom and people find their way out of their homes and winter depressions. I guess it is the feeling of everything coming back to life that I love and miss, as we've almost have gotten used to the heat, lush green surroundings and sunshine all year around. When we were in Finland the other week it struck me how beautiful it is in a way, to be longing for something for so many months, and then finally: the ice begins to melt away, the rays of sun gives you warmth and soon you're able to throw your winter gear in the cellar and enjoy those amazing and glorious sunny days and make the best out of the season, for the few months it sticks around.