seven weeks and we're out of here

Back on the rock. We've had quite enough of traveling and vacation lately and from today onwards we have only one thing on our mind: To get out of this island. Not because we don't like it here as we most definitely do, but because we are anxious to get out exploring more of the world. So many plans, dreams and visions that we're dying to get started with... In order to get moving there's now only one thing to do: Work. Work meaning what must be done on the boat as well as finishing the most important of Alex's and my side projects. We have approximately seven weeks to go from today with a short trip to and from St Martin as well as a possible weekend flight to Guyana in the beginning of April as the only allowed distractions. Time now to put our focus on what really is important. Beer and chilling on the beach will have to wait till we get to another island.