It's all about freedom

When people ask what's our main purpose, the real drive behind sailing the world and living a life like this, the answer that always comes to mind is, because we want to feel free. However egoistic or selfish that might sound, it's all very simple, we just want that: to feel free, have peace of mind. We have no huge saving-the-world-mission going on here nor are we out on this journey just because "it's a fun thing to have done", but what is driving us are all those unnecessary things one might have to face in a normal life. 

We don't want no stress, we want no bigger problems than the ones we manage to create for ourselves, we don't want anyone interfering with our time on earth, no one telling us what to do and what not to. We want to be able to do the things we love, design the life the way we feel like. We want to share beautiful moments only with people we love being around and the ones that we feel happy and comfortable with. We want to see the world with our own eyes, maybe finding a place to settle for a few years or continue to search for that perfect place for years to come if that suits us better for that time being. 

This journey we're out on is the best way we've found to achieve all of that. This is the only way we have figured out that gives us real peace of mind and we are willing to work hard each of these days in various locations around the world to maintain this liberating lifestyle that we have chosen as our best bet. Don't get me wrong now, we have a lot of things to do here, a lot of work and projects to take care of which sometimes means 14 hours of non-stop work and a lot of sweat and pain, but we're doing it all because we have chosen it as parts of our life, and obviously because money doesn't grow on palm trees..

Life is so incredibly beautiful if we manage it well so we simply just don't want to waste our time if you know what I mean. To be egoistic and to take control of your own life is for us the best way to live as that gives not only happiness to oneself, but also to the people that you choose to be around. I am more humble and thoughtful to my family and people that I care about today than what I have ever been before, while at the same time being more distant to what consume too much of my energy in a negative way, and it all comes down to the same philosophy: Life was made to be lived in peaceful and harmonic manners. When the mind and soul is in peace because you do only the things you enjoy doing, the things that moves you forward and when you surround yourself only with the energy you feel balanced with - that is for me to have found freedom. 

And that is in the end of the day, the reason why we have chosen to live the way we do. Some weeks we're broke and dirty as a result of expensive and time consuming boat renovations and not much work for us as freelancers', other weeks we're tidied up with pockets full of cash but all the time we're on our way towards our own dreams. Living the life we have chosen for ourselves. Since we began this journey and discovered the truth of it, both the good the bad and the ugly sides, neither of us can imagine living life differently. Everyday thankful that we made this dream reality.