For you who follow our friend Nalden's, stylish design blog, you might have seen this already but here's for the rest of you: the first short episode of our World Tour Stories « the short film series ».

Along the way of our travels these past 1,5 years, so many of you dear readers have emailed us, commented and encouraged us to make more videos to give another dimension to this blog, but for some reason we've shied away from making something real of it until now. Only a few weeks ago we figured it's about time to begin to show you how our world looks like in motion picture. I hope you will enjoy this first one of a series of many short films that will follow. The premiere video is just a blurry black and white introduction, the next longer episode with a bit more substance and a colorful look into some of the different cultures we've met on our travels, will go live in approximately a month from now. Or sooner if you really enjoy this one.. Thanks for watching and for joining our journey. Feel free to share the video with your friends or anyone who might be interested in our story. And please let us know how you like this first episode, thanks!