Curtain Bluff

The other day we were invited by Managing Director and partner Rob Sherman at Curtain Bluff to have a look at his legendary Antiguan resort. I think most people who've ever searched for a luxury resort in the Caribbean have came across or heard about Curtain Bluff in one way or another. The property was built in 1962 and been a favored island getaway ever since. The resort has an almost mythical reputation around the world so I was thrilled to finally get to visit and it goes without saying that I wasn't disappointed with what we were shown. The resort has a dream location on a bluff in between two beaches. One with wild Atlantic waves and the other one facing the calmer Caribbean sea. The gorgeous classic colonial style buildings are surrounded by a lush green palm garden, a garden with over 70 different types of palm trees from all across the world as Rob told us with excitement. Some of which he himself has planted and seen grow over the years. 

Most of the staff at Curtain Bluff have worked with the resort for most of their lives and it's easy to see the reason for it. There is a special vibe in the air and with whomever we met during the day, it felt like they were a part of the place, not just working there, and the smiles and calming ambiance made us instantly feel welcome. We haven't had the chance to stay at the resort overnight as yet nor have we tried out the evening restaurants, but if you'd trust the massive amount of reviews that are to be found online, this place is a first choice vacation spot for the ones that are looking for elegant tranquility and five star service in a gorgeous Caribbean location. Like many time before, Curtain Bluff were recently voted one of the best hotels in the Caribbean by Travel+Leisure magazine and they're consistently ranked among the best hotels worldwide by other publications as well as by guests and members of Tripadvisor. For more info, check out the hotels website here. Personally I'm hoping we'll have the time to revisit the hotel for a wine tasting evening in their impressive wine cellar one of these days before we leave the island. 

My dress and bikini are from Babajaan and my sandals from Ancient Greek Sandals.