weekend's slowly approaching

Longing for some sailing, limin' on a beach and snorkeling in turquoise waters again after slaving in front of the laptop for almost three complete days. Green Island and Non Such Bay sounds like a good plan for this weekend, what do you think? And as we've planned to take our friends out on a little cruise, there's a lot of food, drinks and logistical planning involved. Where shall they all sleep? Are the extra bunks ok? Did we bring all the sheets and towels from our previous boat? What food shall I cook? What type of breakfast shall we prepare? Where's the fishing gear? How many bottles of wine shall we purchase? Do we have seasickness pills in case someone gets sick? Not too huge problems though, for now we just can't wait to get out on the water again..

Read on here to see how beautiful times we've had on Green Island in the past.