This weeks favorite links

Ancient Greek Sandals - I was amazed when I first found out about this brand. Such incredibly beautiful handmade sandals that fits my life here on the islands most perfectly. Christina Martini is a Greek born woman who've previously been designing shoes at Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga, but now created her first footwear line. Her sandals are the most perfect everyday footwear and they come in a wide variety of styles. I'm also happy to announce that my first pair just arrived with DHL. Will show you pics later on if that could be of any interest. 

My damn blog - Who knew Beyonce's sister was such a great photographer? If you are not interested in her (gorgeous) fashion posts, she also has some damn beautiful private travel shots on there. 

Miss Moss - A collection of the creative artist and South African native Diana's favorites in photography, design, fashion, music, art and so forth. She often features inspiring photographers which is one of the reasons I enjoy checking in on her blog. 

The horse's mouth - Jose is a funny guy who collects the most interesting images and videos concerning surfing, sailing, racing and all other activities that can be made in and on the water. Good inspiration and fun reading.

Foodgawker - OBSESSED with this site. An incredible amount of mouthwatering food, desserts, drinks you name it. Updated hundreds of times a day and combines recipes from tens of thousands of food blogs from all around the world. Only quality food photography allowed on there so beware you will probably be tempted to recreate and eat most of what you'll find on that site. Just click the images that you can't resist and you will get transfered to the recipe on belonging blog.

That's all for this week.. do let me know if you have some interesting favorite sites, brands or blogs that you think we/I would enjoy having a look at. 

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P.S: As old readers might have realized, I've just redesigned the blog a bit, (hope you like it) but I still haven't had the time to resize all images back in the blog so excuse me for the mess that is if you go back in time. All images will be resized soon I hope. If it only wasn't such a pain in the ass to do that manually..