How random is that? En serio.. Having somebody calling your name, you look up from the laptop and you see a familiar face from back home that you haven't seen in 6-7 years? World is such a small place. My friend Eduardo is a navigator and he just finished the RORC 600 yesterday with the old Telefonica Negro (today called Gran Jotiti) a Volvo 70 from 2008. Their current result is eight overall in this years edition of the 600. Great news, and even greater times will be spent in the next few days. Having so many friends on this island this weekend, one week before my 30th birthday and all. I can only read that as it must be time to begin that party already.

And yes if you were wondering, Alex and me are going to get to sail with that big fast bastard one of these days this weekend. Having butterflies in my stomach already, god knows how much I love speed. Seriously, look at that video and tell me you're not tempted. Just not sure how we will fit it all into the already tight schedule but we'll just have to make it work somehow.

Now time to go greet my girlfriends who've just flied in to the island from Dubai..  cheers!