More on the curves... the boat's that is. Look at that sensuous tumblehome. Just need to make a paint job on the hull but that'll have to wait for a while. New paint won't save our lives in a storm. A leakfree deck might do though, as well as new winches, rig and whatever else we have on that list. At least we don't have a teak deck no more, thank lord for that. Gelcoat non-skid is the way to go, not only because it looks better in photos as it does, but also because we don't have the patience to deal with the maintenance of a teak deck once again, particularly not here in the tropics where the sun is hard on the wood. It certainly is enough with what is in the cockpit. And yea, that might have to get replaced one day too when I think about it. Old and sad teak is never a beautiful thing.