Sugar Ridge

What we loved about our stay at the beautiful Sugar Ridge, was the variety of things to see and to do. Sugar Ridge hotel lays in a valley, quite high from sea level and thus have no private beach connected to it like most other resorts or hotels around in the Caribbean. But the location is nonetheless perfect, instead of having only one beach, they got at least six of them with just a five-minutes shuttle ride away. The beaches surrounding this area are some of the most beautiful on the island and if you for some reason would get tired of one, you have many more just a short walk or ride away. Other than beaches and two restaurants at the property (one of which was supreme, I'll tell you more about it a bit later), we had access to two gorgeous pool areas, an Aveda spa (where I had booked a full body massage for Alex that I thought he deserved after his hard work these past months), a stunning view over the Caribbean sea from our room and from most other parts of the property, friendly staff always willing to walk that extra mile for us and an overall peaceful and serene setting which truly did good for our souls after a few hectic months. Sugar Ridge is slightly lower in price than the other large resorts around making this a great value for both couples, newlyweds and singles in every age. It was also recently voted one of the top 25 trendiest hotels in the Caribbean by members of TripAdvisor and yes we must agree: the design and the style of this place is very well thought out and both the interior and the ambiance oozes youth and sexiness all the way through. Thank you Sugar Ridge for having us, can't wait to get back another time.

My red swimsuit is from Babajaan and my sandals from Ancient Greek Sandals.