LED lights

Last time we were in St Maarten we went to our favorite chandlery in the Caribbean, Budget Marine, to get new led lights to all lamps onboard. Just like we did on our previous boat, we'll need to make Duende maximum energy efficient. One of the first steps is of course to replace all normal bulbs with led bulbs as they draw much less energy. It's funny, all what we did only 1,5-2 years ago on Caos is now getting repeated on our "new" boat. But c'est la vie.. at least things goes quicker this time as we know what we need, like and have been satisfied with. Alex will tell a bit about our energy consumption onboard and how he thinks regarding solar and wind power shortly for the ones that have asked about that. Thank you for your patience, Alex has been overloaded with work these past weeks but it should calm down a bit with soon..