And here's a piece of the interior of our new boat if you'd be interested in that. Kind of roomy, galley is on the right, chart-table down left, master cabin and head in front, two double-bunks on both sides in the back. We still haven't begun the refit of the interior and the woodwork is good as it is so no need for dismounting any of it for the moment. One of the first things to do in here though is to build a dining table. The table there is is basically the engine cover and too low to eat at. We are currently contemplating between different options on how to build a table that looks good, which is comfortable to sit at and that is easy to stove away/or perhaps one that doesn't need to get moved away..? Table will be made in mahogany as much else of the interior around. You see the hatch for the refrigerator on the right btw? It's huge. Fridge and freezer is much larger on this boat than our previous. Our last one had a volume of around 70 liters if I'm not mistaken, this one rooms 160 liters in total. Everything is a bit larger than on Caos, well naturally as the boat is 43 feet, not 35. The bed, the couches, the deck, the galley.. I love cooking onboard this boat as it has so much space and storage, will show detail photos of the galley a bit later as well.