daily activities

You might think we spend all our days at the beach but that is unfortunately not correct. This is my standard pose and activity most of the days, up to 12 hours a day in fact depending on how much work Alex got with his carbon constructions for the day. I'm happy if I can sneak out to the beach for a few hours in between work once or twice a week, that's just the way we hang out here. One might meet for a coffee or a drink in a coffee-shop or a bar in the afternoon with friends in a city, we go down to the beach instead. Quite some things to wrap up here again. One of my friends from Dubai clears in to the island tomorrow, haven't seen her in ages so should be fun to catch up on lost time. And if that wasn't enough pleasure already, Alex and me have planned to kidnap three of our island friends on a cruise around the island with our new boat this weekend, seriously looking forward to that one too. Both of us are missing sailing and double fun to share the moments with some really sweet people. Just a few days of work before all that pleasure..