Another type of challenge

Today is the ninth day of Alex's stepfathers single-handed rowing challenge from Dakar, Sénégal to French Guyana, a race that will have him rowing alone all across the Atlantic ocean, in a small boat built by himself. Alex and me sailed over that vast amount of water one year ago, it took us 24 long days but at least we had each others company, a real bed, real food and a galley, a real toilet and even a shower. But this man is literally sitting down, all day long, in a boat only 8 meters long, 160 cm wide, rowing over that big, old ocean. It will take him around 40-60 days in total if he finalizes the journey and at the moment he's fourth of 23 participants whereof five have abandoned so far. You can follow the race and their position here. Can't wait to greet Francis in Guyana on this side of the pond in late March when he arrives. Can you only imagine how much strength and endurance, both mentally and physically one must possess to go through a challenge like this? 

Photo is from when Alex's family visited us in the Grenadines in September last year.