As there are and will be much boat talk here in the blog for a while I figured it could be nice to mix it all up with some fashion for the female readers who might be interested in that. Not so fashionable today perhaps but you get the point. I'm working in the service industry after all and need to be pleasing all of you simultaneously, yes I know hard work but someone's gotta do it. Anyways, this is more or less how I look most of the days here in my Carib life: jeans shorts, a comfy top, my organic bag (what are those called now again?) which fits my laptop when I'm working or towels and swimwear for beach time and maybe a couple of bangles around my arm. And the Ray Ban's of course, always my Ray Ban's. I hold these particular ones very dearly as they've survived almost six months without me loosing them to the greedy old ocean like so many times before. That neck strap was definitely a lifesaver.

What else? I was today invited to have a look at the new amazing condominium that is taking shape here in Falmouth Harbor. South Point Falmouth Harbor is Antiguas most interesting property to invest in for a vacation residence in paradise. The complex will also operate as an exclusive boutique hotel for short term visitors and owners are able to rent out their apartments with lucrative benefits. The condos are gorgeous with high end Italian interior decor, generous colonial style balconies overlooking the harbor and the mega yachts below and the restaurant and lounge bar by the water with a dinghy dock will be the place to be when this condominium opens up in November this year. Have you ever dreamed of a luxurious home in paradise, this might be your best choice. Will show you photos one day later on when the apartments are ready to be photographed.

I started the day by whining about no time to blog and ended up publishing three posts in less than 10 hours, more ambitious and efficient today than I thought. Filled with much energy and inspiration after our fantastic holiday in St Barts.