Spicy prawns

All those food images that I've indulged in these past two days got me inspired to try out something new and exciting. Been quite dry in the food and cooking parts of my brain lately but I'm feeling the inspiration flowing again, thank god says Alex who can't stand pasta and bolognese one more day, eh? (yes currently in our house I'm the only one who cooks as Alex is working the hardest of us two). Anyways, so today I bought some prawns and made a spicy prawn and mushrooms concoction, cooked it all in olive oil, garlic, cayenne, chili, parsley and a squirt of lemon juice and served it with Caribbean long grain rice cooked in butter. Here presented on one of those beautiful Moroccan plates we got on our journey over there. Alex can attest the prawns tasted even better than what they look in this photo so I think I might be doing them again in the near future. Maybe with pasta and a wine sauce next time? I used uncooked prawns and soaked them in oil and spices before heating them up in the pan. Took me about 12 minutes in total.