Memories of past and future

Got served fresh mango juice this morning on a table cloth that reminds me of warm childhood summers picking blueberries with my grandmother. 20 years ago but still so close to my heart. Speaking of age. Very soon I'm turning thirty... there's a great intimate party in the planning. For the change of age I don't care too much, but I'm looking very much forward to spend the day with some really amazing people. Isn't that what is the most important in life anyway? Not things nor possessions, but relationships with people you meet during your lifetime. Sometimes it feels like I have had it all, done and possessed what many only can dream of, but in the end of the day what is etched into my heart and what gives me smiles, warmth and good memories for a lifetime, are the friendships, relationships and times I had the blessing to share with people that I loved. Some friends and family members naturally fall off along the way as life is such - not everything is meant to be forever - but the memories and lessons that I've kept from them all are what makes me an incredibly thankful and rich human being.