Favorite sites

There are so many inspiring sites and things out there which I occasionally run into while working and doing research so I thought I'd share some of those finds with you, once a week or so. Also I will take the opportunity to highlight our fantastic sponsors and companies we've worked with, to give something back for the support they've given our journey and this little blog of ours. Here's a mix of some of those and a few of our favorite sites of the week:

Spoon Fork Bacon - There's an endless amount of great food and cooking blogs out there but as I don't have much time to scroll through them all, it is always a pleasure to find one that covers most of my needs. Spoon Fork Bacon is a fantastically well made blog with stunning shots, perfect artwork and well written instructions. Very inspiring.

Orlebar Brown - One of our fashion sponsors for this journey. OB provide Alex with super sleek and stylish shorts and polos, very riviera style things with great quality. Are you looking for classy swim and beachwear for men, this is one of the best ones on the market. Glad to have such an elegant brand as Orlebar Brown joining our tour around the world.

Boats and Beautiful -  I found this tumblr after they published a few of our shots on there and I dig the collection they/she/he? have put together. Gorgeous pics of boats, beaches, summery beautiful people and all in between. Isn't it great when others put together inspiration boards for you? I love it.

Rue Mag - Now interior isn't usually of much interest to me as we live on a boat and sail the oceans of the world, but now when we have a new boat to refit and when she offers so many great ways to personalize our living space in the same, I do feel a need to get interior inspiration. It's a boat we have, not to confuse with a land-based home, but still there are ways to make our mobile home more homey. This is a very inspiring web magazine for the ones interested in interior and the beautiful things in life.

Seven Sails - Do you dream of doing what we are doing but don't have the time, interest or possibility to let go of everything and make it a full time living? There are many sailing charter companies out there but none that I came across which offers such young, unique and adventurous journeys as this one. This is basically a group of friends who've put together a charter business offering spectacular sailing vacations at amazing destinations around the world and you are free to join them on each of their travels. Choose either to rent a boat by yourself or leave the work and responsibilities to these cool people and all you have to do is follow the ride, explore magical destinations, beautiful waters and enjoy a vacation way more adventurous than any you've been to before. This is the way I'd roll if we wouldn't have our own boat to sail.

Don't forget to share if you have a blog, site or brand you think I/we'd enjoy having a look at.