Favorite links this week

There are so many inspiring sites and things out there which I occasionally run into while working and doing research so I thought I'd share some of those finds with you, once a week or so. Also I will take the opportunity to highlight our fantastic sponsors and companies we've worked with, to give something back for the support they've given our journey and this little blog of ours. Here's a mix of some of those and a few of our favorite sites of the week:

Audrey Victoria - Audrey Victoria is a media designer who's blogging stylishly about all things design, fashion, music, travel, art and that kind of lifestyle. Always inspiring short stories and a beautifully designed website.

Blogg-Bloggen - I usually stay away from gossip blogs but this new Swedish one is quite hilarious in fact. It's the Swedish version of the famous Perez Hilton and I foresee it becoming Sweden's most famous gossip blog in the nearest future. Fun also to read that they are enjoying our blog. Check out what they have to say about us here.

Aviators and a Camera - Kirsten is a traveler just like us, not a sailor but nonetheless she's out and about in this world, constantly flying from one place to another. She recently visited one of our dream destinations, Costa Rica, and I can't wait for her to publish some of those shots in her blog. She's more busy on her Twitter so check that one out too.

Babajaan - You've heard about our premium fashion sponsor Babajaan quite some times now if you're following this blog but I sincerely can't stop praising them. As a matter of fact, I could live in their sexy, beautiful, comfortable clothing and swimwear. Here on the seas and always close to beaches I don't need anything else than this and Babajaan covers all beach, sea and lounging needs I have in a fashionable way. Check out their latest collection on Net-a-Porter and do not forget to like them on Facebook (where you can find a few pics of me as well).

Mangolandia - There pops up new, young travel blogs everywhere on the world wide web and this particular one is beautifully made. Caye and Jaxon are sailors and plan to sail around the world in their Ranger 28. Currently they're visiting Caye's family in Ecuador but I think they'll continue their sailing adventures from Mississippi (where their boat is located) shortly. We love the photography on this site.

That's all for today, don't forget to shout if you have a link/brand/site you think we should check out.
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