Beautiful beaches of Antigua

Antigua is known to have 365 beaches, one for each day of the year, and while we've not been to close to most of them yet, we can assure you this country boasts with some of the most beautiful beaches we've seen in the Caribbean. Many of them are sheltered by expansive coral reef and the water is warm, clear, calm and the white sand gives the water the right bright reflection. The South West side of the island, by Picarts bay (just by OJ's beach restaurant) where we spent our yesterday, is a favorite area because of the extensive Cades reef that protects the shoreline. It is not uncommon to see large wild turtles swimming in these warm waters and the water hosts an abundance of brightly colored tropical fish, rays, smaller reef sharks, lobsters and beautiful coral of every different shape and color. And on land, the beauty and sound of the water quietly lapping on shore would get even the most stressed out person relaxed. We have many more beaches to discover and our mission for the moment is to pay a visit to at least one new beach each week for our remaining time on the island.

You can find more beaches on Antigua on my friend Stephanie's blog, here on Sugar Ridge's website.