Good mixture in our life right now. We're accomplishing a lot of work together on the boat which feels fulfilling for ourselves and for our future plans, then I got my online projects which takes quite some time, Alex got some other work and we're saving up as much money we can for future travels. We're also trying to spend as much time on the beach as possible in between all the work and the flow feels good.... Life was turbulent in the last quarter of 2011 but our situation seem much easier now and the new year has started off well so far. Looking forward to find out what else this new year has in store. We got so many things in the pipeline and many interesting projects and places to discover and we can't wait to make our new boat ready to get out there on the seas again. We are very excited for this year and we're thinking it might be the best one of our cruising years so far. Just need to finalize a few things on the boat first..