Fighting misery with love

The roller-coaster in which we've mentally traveled these past weeks should come to some sort of finalization, or at least a pause, tomorrow - as we'll cast off for a ten days work-free vacation. Yes, we are sailing around the world, but no, we are not some filthy rich kids who can go on and on around this globe of ours without making money during the way so that's basically what we've been busy doing for the past weeks or months, can't remember as I'm trying to repress the misery. Besides of work there has been a mountain of issues and obstacles scattered on our way so this holiday that we are to look forward to which begins already tomorrow, will mark the start of a new chapter in our lives. Work and problems are still not completely dealt with and done but at least we will be able to take a break from it all, leave the problems and stress in Antigua and enjoy life in a way it was partly made to be enjoyed. With friends, music, food and love. I know some of you are dead curious about the issues and problems we've faced which I've mentioned briefly in some metaphorical ways and one day I might tell you. One day when the issues are far gone and distanced from now. Never been good with talking about current problems, somehow they are always easier to discuss in retrospective. Good news is that we are two brains and two hearts here fighting against it all, together. To share your life with a person who has the same values and beliefs as oneself is the best thing I've ever done. No one is perfect, no relationship, no person but if there's love, trust and the fundamental values are well combined then you're literally able to move mountains together. Love has a strength I never experienced nor thought existed before I met Alex.

Here's something I've been listening to today while finalizing some photo editing. Sound that makes me fly far away and forget stress and worries at least for a moment. (Alex has by the way made the masters for those two tracks and the complete EP "We make hits, not the public" by Downliners sekt. Read more about that specific vinyl on their Soundcloud.)