Morning again

This is how a regular morning looks from Alex's perspective. A well made espresso, reading a book about boats, mechanics or travel destinations while the sun slowly rises behind the mountains.

I am on the laptop already in this moment, writing or editing away while we together plan the day or discuss how to to do this, how to solve that. Most of our time is dedicated to work and missions at the moment. You know all those things we need to have done before our Christmas/New Years holiday in St Barts, and other stuff that needs to get sorted out before we move on towards the South Pacific in next year. God, I know I've been repeating myself a lot lately but man are we anxious to get moving towards new horizons. Asia and the Pacific Ocean are parts of the world which we've dreamed of to conquer for a very long time now. Not as nervous for the ocean crossing part as we've now done ocean number one already, but we are much more excited for the arrival on the other side, than what we were when we were about to arrive to the Caribbean. The South Pacific seems to be much more remote, less commercialized, more secluded and ... interesting, in another way. Currently reading up on what islands and what societies in Polynesia, Melanesia and perhaps also Micronesia that we must put on our to-go-list. And then we got all the beauty of South East Asia after that... I suspect if we get to the other side safe and sound, we will probably be staying there for many years to discover those intriguing parts of the world.

Have any of you been sailing or traveling in the South Pacific and if so, which ones are your preferred areas/islands?