Just another season in Antigua

Locals are preparing their goods and making themselves ready for the high season. Empty market places have got new cement floors and the stalls are being filled with colorful clothes, jewelry and what else that tourists might be looking for on their vacation to this "historical and tropical destination". It is funny to see the differences of each of the two seasons. These more touristy places of Antigua - English Harbor and Falmouth Harbor - are quiet and almost dead in low season as most of the locals are living in villages outside, and slowly slowly it will all be changed into a mass tourist destination full of American, Italian and British tourists, served by those mentioned locals from other places of the island. In the beginning when we arrived here we loved the place and almost could imagine to move up on one of those hills here one day. Now when we have experienced it closely for a couple of months in varied seasons, we can easily say that we wouldn't go on with that thought. It's not that we don't like the place as it is still as beautiful as always, but it is the apparent distance between locals and expats, the overly commercial feeling and sadly the lack of authenticy that we are not too fond of. 

Green Island and the whole area of Non Such Bay remain as our favorite destinations on the island of Antigua for its natural atmosphere and the remoteness to (almost) all things commercial, as well as some of the smaller local villages inside of the island.