Back from Nevis

This photo says it all. It was such a refreshing "holiday" spent over on Nevis. Energizing, vibrant, colorful, peaceful. A life on a boat is fantastic in many ways but to be able to sometimes combine it with the beauty of getting a day off from it all every once in a while is a perfect match and the greatest way of living. At least in our eyes. The sail back to Antigua was quite rough with a beat against the waves, wind, tides and currents (took 19 hours back instead of the 12 it took to get there..) but now we're finally back anchored up and safe. Cooking is not an option tonight as of the very little energy left from last night at sea so we'll get out for a light Italian dinner here in Falmouth/English Harbor this evening. Italian yes, what else? Italians are what runs this place. Should probably be called "Italian harbor" instead of English harbor. I don't mind though, I would never say no to a well made ossobuco, a delightful pasta or a flavorful glass of Brunello di Montalcino.