Time for a break

There's been a lot of work done here lately. Boat work, budget calculations and planning for the new boat, blog projects, book projects, photo assignments, body work at the gym, article writings, designing of that new website and everything else in between. Can't complain too much though, all of that will hopefully lead us to an even brighter future and everything we work on is completely self-chosen so we'll continue to work on, move on towards our goals. I remember we once said something like mmm, it will be so wonderful to finally have some peace, no work no nothing, just peace, on a deserted island far from it all... but we have slowly but surely understood that people like us we can't be just still doing nothing. At least not for a longer period of time. We need our projects and new exciting goals to look forward to, to be able to enjoy life fully - even if we physically might be away from it all. As long as we can be our own bosses and plan for our days as we wish, and as long as we enjoy what we do and have the time for what we love, then we're more than satisfied. And if we on top of all that have the freedom to move on the sea and in between countries as we wish, then life is pretty damn close to perfect.

But now let's leave work at home for a while and let's spend the rest of the day at the beach. Will try to have one complete afternoon for nothing but r e l a x a t i o n.