On storing

I was previously mentioning that we do not buy so much stuff/clothes any longer. There simply ain't the same interest nor need for it, but one other important aspect of it is of course that there aren't much space left on a sailboat for storing too much of things anyway. This live-aboard life is very special in many ways, it would definitely not suit everyone as you can't have all the conveniences and comforts as a land based home allows for and there are loads of things that you have to relinquish to be able to move out on the seas and into a boat of this size. Much of our things had to be left on land and I also sold out much of my clothes and shoes both before we left on this tour and also during this journey on my vintage store to make space for what really is necessary.

I kind of like this transformation that we have gone through during the 1,5 years we've been living together on the boat. We have slowly adapted to the cramped lifestyle and with time we have been able to figure out what really is needed and what is not. I mean it's all about compromises and valuations. Do you need a house full of material possessions and wide, large spaces to be happy, then you can't live on a boat. But are you more interested in having a large world as your home, the freedom to move around as you wish but you don't care too much about materialistic comfort, then a life aboard a sailboat could be something for you. We would love to have them both one day in the future but since we aren't that wealthy to have that possibility just as yet and while sailing is our current priority, we have had to eliminate some things and adjust ourselves in a way that we could fulfill this sailing dream in the most comfortable and convenient way.

Given the fact that we're carrying a big bunch of tools, surfboards, diving equipment and god knows what else we stuffed this poor boat with, the storing of things must be very carefully planned. We kind of have figured it out by now although it took quite some time, and for clothes we have found the most perfect things for storage: these foldable storage boxes from Blue Performance. They are everything we need and they are designed to ease the living on a boat. They are light as paper, are easy to mount on the walls of the cabin so they stay where they are supposed to during sailing, they have shelves for maximum use of space, they are perfectly transportable and you can easily store them on top of each other when that could be needed. Every piece of garment is now kept in these boxes and the shoes are properly stored in similar ones in a way that we actually can move around here on the boat without having to climb over things. Storing is a major important aspect of life aboard a boat since there aren't so much space to play around with, and a mess in such a tight area is something that really can make your life a hell. Glad there are solutions though for most things in life, and these boxes have really made our life easier in many ways. Yes there are some lockers, wardrobes and drawers in the boat too, but these things are perfectly usable when you need to store more than the original closets allows for. What I also love with them is that they are made in ripstock nylon that lets the clothes breathe instead of having to have them in fully closed containers where things easier can get mold. Ripstock is also made with a special reinforced technique that makes the fabric resistant to tearing and ripping.

To be comfortable and happy living on a boat takes some time as you have to adjust so much from normal way of living, but if you have the time and the will, there is a way. Like with everything else in life.