Here's one thing I've been busy with lately. A First 40,7 that was crashed into. Will show more when it's finished.
Hi, it's Alex. I have heard that many of you want me to write some more in this blog. That's very nice of you. There are basically three reasons to why I haven't done it so much :

1. I have a life. A real life outside of this blog. You maybe think that we live only what is written and seen here, but the truth is that this is only maybe 10% of our reality. Taru much of the time lives in between the real world and the online world, but I prefer to live my life totally IRL. But of course, I am not a photographer who has a passion for sharing my art. And for me personally I see not much value in writing. I don't have this need or urge or whatever you call it.

2. And the writing part. I am French, and I lack of some words in English, so for you to be able to understand a shit of what I'm saying in text, there are a lot of editing needed. This takes time, both mine and Tarus. And time is very precious to me. There are many things I much rather do than write, I am sure you understand. 

3. Like earlier mentioned, I have no real interest in writing. Also no time. Or let's say it is not my priority. So it is very simple to us. Taru runs this website as much or as little as she wants and I do my stuff in the world outside of this online thing. I work on the boat, I fish, read, sometimes I work on projects on other boats like that one above, I must also take care of my woman, have a good time with her and all of that. Listen, I don't even have a Facebook account, I rarely check my email and even less I answer any of them and now you ask me to write a blog? Come on. I appreciate the comments from you all that I read and I admire the quality of work which my baby has put into this website, but I personally have not had time to get myself involved too much. It is very distant to me. 

So I hear that some of you would like to read more about mechanical and technical things and my point of view when it comes to boat stuff in general, sounds good, but at the same time I have understood that most people here seem to appreciate reading about hair colors, high heels, fitness advice and whatever else, and this I don't know too much about, so: I will give it a try, but don't expect too much now, I will try to post sometimes. But the question is: What are you interested in reading about? I know Taru makes a great job with her stories and images but what do you want to know from my view? Is it my work done on the boat that is of interest or do you want me to share with you some secrets about Taru or what? If you can be so nice to guide me a little bit I would appreciate it. 

I will get back to you when I find the time. Thanks. Alex