Plans and wonderings

We are based in Martinique for a while longer. As this is France and EU, it makes it easy for us to sort out administrative tasks, get shipments to arrive safely and other things are easy to sort out here and has to get done before we’re ready to move on again. Might be we'll have the time to revisit St Lucia once again before we head up North, would be wonderful as we haven't had the chance to visit the Pitons and Soufri√®re as yet. Our plan thereafter is to set sail towards Dominica and Goudaloupe in the end of this month and perhaps spend some days/weeks in Antigua and St Barths in April/May before we return back down South where we'll most probably spend the hurricane season. Or maybe we skip the most Northern parts of the windward/leeward islands and sail on straight towards South and spend a longer time in St Vincent and the Grenadines, Mustique, Bequia, Grenada, Tobago and thereafter the ABC's for some weeks? We can't really make up our mind.

Caribbean, as far as we have understood, is beautiful and colorful, a bit inspiring, and the light here is more than spectacular. The Caribbean islands we've seen so far might not be as secluded and private and not totally as paradisish and lush as some parts of Asia or the Indian Ocean as we know it, or might be we haven’t found those hidden gems as yet? Search continues. One question for you who've been around the world: What are your absolute most favorite, dreamlike, unexploited paradise in the Caribbean sea? And we're not looking for places where you'll find 250 charter boats anchored on the same spot and beaches overcrowded with tourists, no it is the quietness and privacy combined with a dreamlike atmosphere and a breathtaking nature and sea life we're after. Or do we really have to get out in the Pacific to find that?

And then another question: since we've already decided to stay around here in Central/South America for the rest of the year before we head out in the Pacific, we're also keen of finding the perfect place for putting the boat, and ourselves, for the hurricane season. So far we have these options on our list: Grenada, Trinidad and Brazil. Have any of you spent the hurricane season in any of these places and what are your experiences with them? Is Grenada really a safe place for the boat during the tropical storms and what about the ABC islands?

Thankful for your thoughts.

/Taru and Alex