New Bedford

Buzzards Bay can be a nasty son of a bitch to get through in the wrong conditions, and instead of the predicted NW 10-15 knots, it quickly turned into SW 25-30 on the day we had planned to move forward from Mattapoisett to Newport. South West which was exactly the direction we were heading and instead of fighting currents and banging into steep ice cold waves for an eternity, we decided to call it quits and ducked into safe harbour in the beautiful fishing town of New Bedford. These photos are from when we arrive in the late afternoon, tied up just before sunset, an early morning wake up and headed right back out to the bay.

We have a friend sailing with us, on his lovely Fuji 35 that you can see in the photos. We'll be sailing much of the trip down to Florida together. Christian who is from Montpellier in France, has lived in Boston for approx. fifteen years for work and love, but though it seemed a good idea to escape the cold now as well. It's a very nice new thing for us. We have never really sailed much with other people/boats, and although our boat is a little faster,  it's pretty sweet having someone to hook up with on arrival to various ports and anchorages.

We stayed at Pope's Marina in New Bedford for a very reasonable winter rate of $0.50/ft. A great place and friendly service, but the dock we pulled into didn't have 30 amp shore power so we slept the whole night without heater which was a freezing experience, somewhere under zero degrees Celsius. Stupidly we had in the rush forgotten to buy additional propane bottles for the non-electric gas heater. I guess we could have moved to another dock and get the electric heaters connected but you know you're tired when you rather choose to sleep in freezing cold bedded under two hundred wool sweaters, than having to move and re-tie up the boat. Or maybe we're just getting used to the cold?

We're now finally in Newport after a night at anchor by Cuttyhunk island, and have finally got a hold on propane bottles for our MrHeater space heater so the nights at anchor will be less chilly. Luckily we have the cold Cape Cold behind us now and air and water is already a tad warmer. We're thinking of sailing over to Long Island Sound tonight or early tomorrow morning so we get that leg done before the arrival of a new Nor'Easter storm that is fast approaching.

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Goodbye Captain's Cove Marina in Quincy and everyone else in Massachusetts! We left a few days ago and are now in Buzzards Bay waiting for slightly less wind so we can steer over to Newport. Should happen today. The wind's been brutal so far and air pretty cold obviously. The coldest we've ever sailed. But like I said on my Instagram, we're slowly getting closer to Southern warmth so it will be worth freezing toes and fingers off now for a few days. Our dear friend Michael has been right all along, it all depends on just how many layers you wear. Thanks for all the warm wool sweaters, and everything else you've helped us with over this past year!

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If anyone is looking for a good place to keep the boat, winter or summer season, do make sure to consider Captain's Cove in Quincy. We stayed there from April to November and it's a very friendly, quiet and super affordable place to stay. Thanks for great service Kimberly, Tim, Mike and the crew!

last minute deals

Ok we are leaving very soon and if I was a neurotic person I would have probably been a complete mess right now. We did make the decision to sail 1500 nautical miles, half of which will be through winter weather, only a week ago. We are moving our life and home to a whole different place, and we must get going asap to not get stuck in worse weather systems that are so prone for this time of the year. So there is a fair amount of things to get done in terms of boat preparation, packing up, provisioning, installing of a water heater, engine servicing, taking farewell of people, ordering of engine parts that must arrive within the next 48 hours etc etc... it does not help that I drank a bottle of prosecco last night (as part of the farewell procedure). It rather makes the organization a tad more... confused... much to my mans chagrin.

The reason why I've allowed precious time for writing this post, is that I wanted to let you know that I have lowered the prices on all recently uploaded things in my shop because I really want to get these things sent out before we leave as it might take a while before I get a new opportunity to do so. 

The only real reason why I'm showing the backside of myself in today's post is because I found one of those beige bags in my friends place, and that one is now on the shop as well.

If you buy two Colombian bags, I will send you a third, smaller one, free of charge. Plus now it's free shipping on all orders above $50.


Just a few photos from our stay in Montauk and MYC this past summer. I think that was the only week in which I managed to catch a wee bit of tan this year. This 16 month long stay on the south shore of Boston has been all about indoor workworkwork for me, so it will be aaaaahmazing to soon be able to shift from pale and unfashionable (that's what one of my good friends recently told me New England has done to me "Taru you've changed.." hahah) - to fresh, tanned, très chic and très sexy again. LOL. Alex on the other hand has worked quite a bit outdoors on the boat this year so he has been able to maintain his golden tan all year through the lucky bastard. Besides, he's of Mediterranean descent whereas I am from the cold North.